Aata Master - Machine


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Sterling - Aata Master Machine

Decsription Local AM Premium AM Economic
Body Construction Fabricated Heavy duty fabricated / Precision Machining
Total Weight (Machine) 200 KG 800 KG
Total Weight (Rotating stone) 170 KG 70 KG
Abrasives Thickness 90 MM 40 MM / 50 MM / 75 MM
Bearing Local SKF - 32014
Pully size Non Standard with 960 RPM Motor Standard 14" drive and 4" motor with 1440 RPM Motor
Pressure on abrasives stone/wear out Human skill setting Uniform pressure of grinding wheel: Wear is uniform all over the grinding surface, result in extra wheel/segment life
Gap adjustment control Human skill setting Very fine gap adjustment in multiple of 0.1mm and even less is possible
Grinding Human skill setting Uniform quality of grinding due to mechanical setting